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  • My Ted Talk in 8 Words: Be Open to the Possibility That You’re Wrong

    November 6, 2016 | blog News
  • Rick Lax's Ted Talk.

    The hardest part of my TED Talk was figuring out what I wanted to say in just 18 minutes. I knew I wanted to use my skills a magician to educate people on how not to be deceived. But I could talk about that for 3 days straight.

    “Don’t believe anything that anyone tells your ever?” Well, that would guarantee you’d never be tricked…but also it’d guarantee you’d miss out on life’s good stuff.

    “Always look for proof?” Meh. ‘Proof’ is easy to fake.

    I settled on this: “Be open to the possibility that you’re wrong.” It’s the best of all worlds. You get act on your beliefs with conviction…but also, you’ll never have the rug pulled out from under you.

    FACEBOOK UPDATE: I’m up to about 1.3 billion video views. This, I believe, makes me the most-viewed magician in the course of human history. Weird, right?