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    January 7, 2011 | News
  • The blogosphere likes my book, for the most part.

    Here are the highlights of some recent blog reviews:

    From BellasNovella:

    “Part memoir, part random facts—it brought to mind Freakonomics (and not just because Lax mentions the book), but was a much more enjoyable read. All the ingredients for a quick fiction read: the love story, the humor, the fun ensemble cast – it had a relatable, fun tone, not often found in memoirs.”

    From ReviewsByLola:

    “I thought Rick was an endearing memoirist. He seemed suave at times, but then he would act completely naïve in other situations, which made me think he would probably be pretty fun to hang out with.”

    From LawSchoolLive:

    “Rick is a great writer. His chapters read like Tucker Max stories, except Rick is self-deprecating and relatable: a lawyer you’d want to grab a beer with and hear the stories from personally. He describes immersing himself in the fantasies of Las Vegas totally sans ego, writing from the perspective of a guy who seems as awestruck by Vegas…”

    From an overall negative review by Jseliger/TheStory’sStory:

    “The chapters are vignettes with recurring themes: The hot roommate Oxana appears; a non-relationship with a girl named Zella culminates in a three-night hookup between her other shags, much like that one weekend you had in college; being a magician appears, disappears, and reappears; quasi life lessons come from a hooker named Kiana. The major weakness of Fool Me Once is its lack of a main narrative thread, since one section has little to do with another. This doesn’t make individual moments weaker, but one does start to wonder whether the book is going in any particular direction. Although I don’t wish to spoil the end, the answer is probably obvious. Still, parts are clever and the book is pretty funny: ‘My fellow law school graduates went off to Europe to ‘find themselves’…I’m pretty sure this is code for ‘do drugs.’”