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  • MAGIC Magazine Mini-Review of FOOL ME ONCE

    December 1, 2010 | News
  • From the December MAGIC magazine:

    “Next month, your local bookstore will have the latest memoir by Rick Lax, FOOL ME ONCE, on its shelves. Set in Las Vegas and incorporating a cast of characters including strippers, Criss Angel, bartenders, and Lance Burton, in the broadest sense, FOOL ME ONCE is a funny, engaging, and personal discourse on deception in all its forms, magic tricks included.”

    Thanks, MAGIC!

    (Side note: the guy on the cover of this month’s MAGIC magazine, Guy Hollingworth, is a fellow magician/lawyer. He invented one of the best magic tricks I’ve ever seen: Reformation. Reformation is not only awesome, it’s also the most difficult trick I know. If you know a harder one, I’d love to see it.)