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  • Review of Glenn Beck’s The Christmas Sweater: A Road to Redemption–LIVE

    December 9, 2009 | News
  • Last week I saw the live Glenn Beck movie. Cost me twenty freakin’ dollars! Anyway, here’s my review:

    One ticket for the live Glenn Beck movie,” I said.

    “Twenty dollars,” the girl behind the glass replied.

    “One ticket,” I repeated, thinking the girl must have misheard me.

    “Twenty dollars is how much one ticket costs,” she said.

    I frowned, gave her my credit card, walked into the Regal Village Square multiplex, found theater No. 9 and took a seat next to a married couple named Chris and Christina. They told me that they watch The Glenn Beck Program, that they read Beck’s book Common Sense and that they “went through parts of” Beck’s latest book, Arguing with Idiots.

    “Did you guys know tickets were going to be 20 bucks?” I asked.

    Chris said he didn’t, and then he frowned, too.

    I met a second married couple, Art and Debbie, who told me that they also watch Beck’s show. Every single day.

    “I like that he encourages people to do outside research into what’s really going on in the world,” Debbie said. “I like that he teaches people how they can protect their liberties and freedoms.”

    “So where do you, personally, go to do your outside research?” I asked

    “Random Internet sites,” she replied, demurring and adding, “I should probably do more…”

    Fifteen minutes before showtime, with the theater lights still on, Beck appeared on screen and welcomed everybody to the show via pre-taped message. He was sitting before a bookshelf filled with books, and every last one of ’em was The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck.

    Cut to a shot of a theater stage on which a choir of children sang Christmas songs. Maybe two of the 20 kids were white. Contrast that with the people at Regal Village Square; everybody sitting in the theater was white.


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