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  • Political Letter from a 10-Year-Old

    December 3, 2009 | News
  • I just found this letter I wrote to my Senator when I was ten years old. The first sentence is pretty dull, but things pick up from there. Easily the most persuasive letter I’ve ever written. I present to you the letter in full:

    October 5, 1992

    Dear Congressman Levin:

    Right now my class is studying some of the hazards of our state, country, continent, and even our world. For example. Population density, deforestation and POLLUTION!! Now let’s pretend there was some kind of fish in our Great Lakes that had the main ingredient for a cure for AIDS and it gets caught in some pollution, for example pop bottle rings or plastic bags, and became extinct. Then imagine if your son or daughter got AIDS. You would be not very happy. So I’m asking if you could make some kind of law saying you can’t dump any more trash in the Great Lakes.

    Ricky Lax and Lone Pine Elementary School Students