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  • My Conversation with the IHOP Waitress Went Like This…

    October 28, 2009 | News

    Just had an interesting exchange with his IHOP waitress: Me: "Do you have any decaf tea?" Waitress: "I’ll see if I can find some for ya." Me: "Thanks!" At first I was like, that’s really sweet of her to go "find me" some tea. But then I was like, well, either IHOP has decaf tea (in which case she’s not really doing me any special favors) or IHOP doesn’t (in which case, well, thanks for nothing). I mean, was this waitress implying that the kitchen was in such a state of disarray that she’d have to hunt through piles of eggs to find me a packet of tea? (Even if she were, that’s not really doing me a "favor," that’s just making up for IHOP’s negligence). Was she going to go into the "EMPLOYEE TEA" cupboard? THANKS FOR NOTHING, LADY is my point.