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  • BODIES LAS VEGAS…also cupcakes and reflexology…

    August 20, 2009 | News

    How cool is LAS VEGAS WEEKLY design department? I wrote this story about how the BODIES exhibit was giving out free CUPCAKES to celebrate its one year anniversary…and this is the graphic the art department came up with….a DEAD BODY COMING OUT OF A CUPCAKE! 


    Click HERE to read the whole story, look below to read the intro:


    On Saturday Bodies … The Exhibition celebrated its one-year anniversary at Luxor by offering patrons free massages and free cupcakes. Also on Saturday, I toured Bodies for the first time. Lucky coincidence—no?

    Bodies showcases 263 partial specimens and a dozen head-to-toe, full-body displays. One is posed as if pitching a baseball, another as if shooting a basketball and another as if conducting a symphony.

    Turns out the pitcher wasn’t actually a pitcher (when he was alive), and ditto for the b-ball player and the conductor. When the white-lab-coat-clad curators revealed that much to me, I wasn’t disillusioned; I was existentially intrigued. How interesting, I thought, that a man could spend his entire adult life as, say, a plumber, then donate his body to Bodies, then have his remains propped up for the rest of eternity as if he were a tightrope walker. Next best thing to reincarnation.