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  • Obsello Absinthe: My Night at Bellagio with the Green Fairy

    August 7, 2009 | News

    I’m out of commission for the next 24 hours; I just got back from a private absinthe tasting at Bellagio….and the absinthe tasted good.

    Distiller Bryan Obsello shared with us (a group of 15 or 20) his wormwood & chlorophyl-infused Verte Absinthe. Great with root beer (“Root of All Evil”), even better with egg white (“Absinthe Fizz”).

    If you live in Las Vegas, try out Mr. Obsello’s absinthe at Bouchon or at the more recession-friendly Cathouse…a little green fairy told me to tell you that…

    (Joking; I didn’t really have any Moulin Rouge style hallucinations. Maybe I should have had another couple shots…)