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  • Before and After Photos, EXPOSED

    July 30, 2009 | News

    These photos were taken just two hours apart, and have not been digitally retouched in any way. They’re for a story I wrote that exposes how Before & After photos can be faked. You can read the whole Las Vegas Weekly story by CLICKING RIGHT HERE, ON THESE VERY WORDS–YEP, ANY OF ‘EM.

    …but here’s a preview:

    Trick No. 1: Suck in your stomach

    If you exhale and suck in your stomach, you’re going to look thinner. This is particularly true for men, who store a lot of their body fat around their bellies. Remember to inhale and push out your stomach when you take your “before” photo.

    Trick No. 2: Flex your muscles

    Take a page from the professional bodybuilders’ competition-pose playbook; you’ll look stronger and more muscular if you flex your muscles. Be careful not to flex your muscles in your “before” shot, though.

    Trick No. 3: Pump it up

    Lift some weights immediately before you snap your “after” photo. Like flexing, anaerobic exercise will temporarily increase the size of your muscles.

    Trick No. 4: Fix your posture

    If you stand up straight and roll back your shoulders, your chest will stick out more, and your waist will look smaller by comparison. So find a mirror, and align your ears, shoulders and hips.

    Trick No. 5: Fix your face

    A smile is your best bet. A smile won’t make you look thinner or more muscular, but it will imply that you’re enjoying your new healthy lifestyle (your Sunday afternoons playing flag football at the park, your six-pack-bearing weekends on exotic ports of call …). And don’t grimace in your “before” photo—that’d be too obvious. Instead, go for a blank expression or one indicating slight depression.

    Trick No. 6: Shave and bronze

    Removing your body hair and tanning will better showcase your muscle definition.

    Trick No. 7: Get a mini-makeover

    Put on some better-fitting clothes, fix your hair and slap on some foundation.

    If you don’t believe that simple tricks like these can be used to simulate weight loss, take another look at the “before and after” photos on this page. They were taken just two hours apart, and they have not been digitally altered in any way.