Consider David Foster Wallace


About a week ago I picked up a book in the discount section of my local Barnes & Noble called Consider The Lobster. I’d seen it in the bookstore before, and I really liked the title. Usually I don’t like it when people tell me to do things, but “consider the lobster,” is such an odd imperative that I made an exception.

I read the first essay, which was about 50 pages and had more footnotes than any case I’d read in law school, and I loved it. So I went online and Googled the name of the book’s author, David Foster Wallace, and I learned that he had hung himself the previous day. A dark coincidence and nothing more, I know, but still it makes you think…

Anyway, it’ll be a long time before I pick up a book from the discount section again.

Yeah, this guy was damn talented, and his death sucks for the rest of us.

Publishers Weekly


The first LAWYER BOY review comes out on Monday. From Publishers Weekly.

I asked my editor how I’m supposed to prepare for this, and he said that he’d put a horse head in the bed of the PW reviewer assigned to the book.

But what I was really asking was how I’m supposed to prepare myself, emotionally, for this. I mean, when you get a bad review on your memoir, it’s like getting a bad review on your life.

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