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Huffington Post & Las Vegas R-J

Big, awesome stories about my book in The Las Vegas Review-Journal and on HuffingtonPost. Check 'em out!

A Little About(.com) My Book

Today, Zeke Quezada at had this to say about Fool Me Once:

“It's a book that makes you want to move to Vegas to increase your likelihood of having an interesting life, it makes you question everything far more and smile at the absurdities of life. Mostly though, Fool Me Once, chronicles Vegas situations in such a way that you will not stop reading until the end and then ponder your own Vegas story. This book should be on your poolside reading list. The next time you need a book that is fun, helps you have a good time and requires no emotional attachment, Fool Me Once is what you are looking for.”

What an awesome review! Exactly what I was going for with this book. Big thanks to Mr. Q. and all the fine people at, advisors of all matters animal, vegetable, and mineral.

First Book Review is In...

...and it's positive. Comes from Kirkus, and it goes a little something like this...

"Fear and loather is in short supply, but there are plenty of cons and cheap hustles in this lively memoir of time spent on the seamier edge of Casinoland.

Hunter Thompson it ain’t, and that’s refreshing for a book about Las Vegas—especially with Lax, who arrives in the capital of human frailties “at the speed limit, in my mom’s SUV, carrying a dozen dress shirts, a dozen ties, a couple boxes of kitchen supplies and toiletries, a briefcase full of magic tricks, my laptop, and my mom.”

Yet, like Thompson, Lax throws light on a place that seems all too familiar. A sometime lawyer and self-taught magician with a taste for what Criss Angel calls “Mindfreaks,” the author is fascinated by the elaborate ways humans have developed to part other humans from their money. There is the improbably torso augmentation of his roommate, for instance, which nets bigger tips, and the card-counting, and the Mexican turnover (“ a move in which you use one card to turn over a second and switch the two in the process”).

It will come as no surprise to most readers that everyone is on the make in Las Vegas, and the scholarly detachment with which Lax records it merely emphasizes the ordinariness of desperation—as when he shares an episode involving a criminal with his long-suffering mom, the Greek chorus of the tale, only to be chided for his choice of companions, to which Lax responds, “He didn’t’ KILL anybody. He just shot some people.”

Mortal peril, thankfully, doesn’t come often in these pages, which are instead populated with characters such as a 450-pound male Cher impersonator and a card junkie who tears himself away from the table long enough to offer Lax tips on being a manly man: “Stop drinking white wine for starters.”

An entertaining field guide to vice, but also one with a point—if you’re headed anywhere near the Strip, watch your wallet."

More Advanace Priase for Fool Me Once...from Kevin Roose

Unfairly young/talented author Kevin Roose wrote one of the best books of 2009--this according to Barnes & Noble and Las Vegas Weekly. It's called, "The Unlikely Disciple" and it's about the author's time at the ultra-religious Liberty University.

Well, here's what Mr. Roose had to say about my upcoming book, Fool Me Once:

"Rick Lax embedded himself with Vegas's most notorious magicians, call girls, and wheeler-dealers and emerged with a funny and fascinating cautionary tale for the rest of us. Anyone who's ever been scammed, bluffed, or lied to should read Fool Me Once."

Thanks for the kind words, Kevin!

Kind Words from the Celebrated Invisible Man of Magic

Jim Steinmeyer is the top illusion creator in the world. He’s designed and consulted for David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Ricky Jay, and the Walt Disney Company. If you’ve seen a stage magician perform in the last 20 years, you’ve probably seen a couple of steinmeyer’s tricks.

Here’s what Mr. Steinmeyer has to say about my upcoming book Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners and How Not to Get Screwed in Vegas:

"Rick Lax has written a wry, laugh-out-loud love letter to the world of deception. And we get to read it. It's a great book."

Deception Vacation: What Happened In Vegas

(That's just a working title. Still taking suggestions.) Anyway, I'm about to turn the first draft over to my editor/publisher. The book is a memoir, not a How-To book, but by reading it, you'll nonetheless learn...

-How to sneak into nightclubs without paying
-Why Las Vegas hotels pack their casinos with undercover models
-How to use a handful of dry rice as a lie detector
-How to tell whether a smile is genuine using a bucket of water, a frog, and a live wire
-Why you should never buy beer shots for showgirls
-How to get somebody to stop talking bout sports by pretending to be gay

Stay tuned.

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