David Blaine on Oprah

Anybody catch David Blaine on Oprah yesterday? I sure did. Love the guy. And that makes me unique…not among the public at large, but among magicians. Most magicians hate him. I think they’re jealous, and here’s why: Blaine got famous for a TV special called “Street Magic” in which he performed the same close-up magic tricks that magicians have been performing for years. The difference is, Blaine made them work. He did what most magicians are completely unable to do: get people to believe he’s doing REAL magic.

I’m such a big fan of his because after his shows, somebody always comes up to me and says, “So that David Blaine guy…is he for real or what?” Or something like that. I usually respond, “I could tell you…but then I’d have to kill you.” Sometimes, “I could tell you, but then they’d take away my Magicians’ Alliance card.”

So yesterday, on Oprah, Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. Totally legit too; not a trick. Or was it…? What do you think?

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