Las Vegas Weekly Interview: Lawyer Boy Book Reading


Tomorrow, December 18th at 7pm, I’m doing a book reading in Las Vegas at the Town Square Borders on Las Vegas Boulevard. The local weekly (Las Vegas’s Village Voice) interviewed me, mostly about magic, and here’s what was said:

Q: When you say you’re here three hours a day working, are you writing, lawyering or doing magic stuff?

Lawyer Boy Publicity: A Personal Approach


LAWYER BOY doesn’t come out until Tuesday, but my local Barnes & Noble was selling the book today. They had four copies of the book on the “Hardcover New Releases” table, and one of them was propped up on a bookstand.

Free Copy of Lawyer Boy Contest





A few days ago I hosted a “win a free copy of Lawyer Boy” contest in which readers were encouraged to test out their lawyering skills/powers of persuasion and email me and make a compelling case as to why they should get a free copy of the book. I haven’t yet picked a winner, but it’s become clear to me that many readers are way funnier than me, which is humbling, flattering, and annoying.

Here’s one of the entries I received:

I'm Smarter Than a Monkey!


The oracle said that Socrates was the smartest man in Greece because he acknowledged and appreciated his own ignorance. I must be the smartest law school graduate in Chicago because I’m painfully aware of how much I don’t know.

I just took a diagnostic test on the multi-state multiple choice section of the bar exam…and scored a 35%.

Now, the good news is that each question had four options, meaning I did better than a monkey would have done on the exam.

The Larger, Louder Half of the Performing Team


I’ve been a fan of Penn & Teller my whole life. I’ve seen their show three or four times, and I truly believe that they perform the smartest, most deceptive/hardest to figure out magic out there.

You might also know Penn & Teller from their Emmy-nominated TV show Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t

Anyways…Penn, the larger, louder half of the performing team had this to say about my book: