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MLK Day and German Pornography


Happy MLK day to you. I remember a few years back, on MLK day, I bought “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” in the bookstore. Brought the book home, read the introduction…and learned that MLK didn’t actually write The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Stanford University historian Clayborne Carson did.

I was pissed, but I still read the book…turned out to be as inspirational as I had originally hoped. Carson compiled MLK’s speeches and writings and wrote, ostensibly, what MLK would have written in an autobiography. Pretty good, if you can believe it. After a few dozen pages, I totally forgot that I wasn’t reading the words of the man himself.


The following is a REAL bit of REAL dialogue from my REAL life that occurred earlier this week. This guy I met in a dive bar called Boomers was talking with my showgirl roommate about the AVN Awards (the Academy Video News Awards…basically it’s like the Academy Awards of pornography)…and then the topic of obscure pornographic films came up, and this is what was said:

Random Bar Guy: The strangest movie I own is this random German S&M movie with really high production value…blanking on the name right now…

My Roommate: Is it XXXXXXXXX Part Two?

(Editor’s Note: I’m not censoring the title; I just forgot it. And my roommate is asleep right now, so I can’t ask her.)

Bar Guy: Yes! XXXXXXXXXX Part Two!

My Roommate: I’m in it!

Yep. 100% true. Now, my roommate isn’t a porn star and she definitely didn’t do anything with anybody on camera; she knew the director from one of the shows she did on Vegas and he used her as an extra/backup dancer in the movie’s club scene.

I’ve been in Vegas long enough where this sort of thing no longer surprises (let alone shocks) me.

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