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This girl in the bookstore was studying for the CA bar. She gave me a card and said that she's been doing personal injury law in NV for the past year.

I noticed she was studying torts, and I said, "Let's do a couple problems together."

We did three. I got all of them right; she got all of them wrong.

I mentioned she was a personal injury lawyer, right?

100,000 Hits on RickLax.com!

We're rich! 100,000 hits! Thanks to all who have visited. According to Web-Stat.com, most people end up on RickLax.com because they want to learn "how to tie a tie." But that's cool. Happy to have 'em here. But to those of you regular readers: thanks for sticking around, and I'll seeya at 200,000.


Cable TV...Finally


I've been in Vegas 8 months and just got Cable TV yesterday. This is by far the longest I've ever gone without cable, and I only mention that because I expect some sort of medal.

I watched about 2 hours of TV yesterday, and learned some pretty incredible stuff...

1) Brooke Hogan is still on TV.
2) Something's going down in Iran.
3) Carlos Mencia is still not funny.

MJ Death: The Clubs React


was at Stoney's Country Bar/Club last night, and every time the DJ played an MJ song EVERYBODY moved onto the dance floor. Joyous, joyous dancing. No solemn faces. Last night was a tribute to the man's art, not a preoccupation with his personal life or mourning of his untimely passing. I suspect it was the same at clubs across the country. Oh man, you should have seen all the cowboys trying to do the Thriller dance...

A Very Special Haircut Special


Saw this one on the way home from the bookstore. Having trouble figuring it out... Does it mean that haircuts are $9.95 for first-time customers, or that haircuts are generally $9.95, but that first-time customers will save "$$" on top of that. And if so, is "$$" code for two dollars?