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New Cereal Mascot: King Vitamin


Came across this in supermarket tonight. Very disappointing. Back when I was your age, we had proper cereal mascots. And they taught us about exclusion (Lucky the Leprechaun, Trix Rabbit, Flinstones, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird). King Vitamin looks WAY to happy and inclusive to me.

Matt Goss at Palms: A Cool, Sexy Lounge Show...That I'd Still Feel Comfortable Bringing My Parents To


On Saturday night I saw my roommate Ally’s friend Tala perform in Matt Goss’s new lounge show at the Palms. (She's one of the "Dirty Virgin" dancers.) Coolest lounge show I’ve ever seen—easily. But not so cool that I’d feel uncomfortable bringing my parents; this is a show for everyone.

Special kudos to whoever did Goss’s musical arraignments. The two guitarists, bassist, keyboardist, 3 horns (sax, trumpet/flugelhorn, trombone) and two female backup singers filled up the sound at virtually every moment of Goss’s hour-long set (but not obtrusively. In the Dave Matthewsian way that makes you feel like you got your money’s worth.( Oh, except for the one break during which Goss sang a slow song at the piano. (I saw the show with four of my roommate’s female friends and oh how they loved this part….)

I Got EVICTED From Town Square, Las Vegas. It's a Wonderful Place to Shop, but Rough Place to Live...


Okay, I wasn't REALLY evicted from Town Square...but I did get my first cover story in Las Vegas Weekly. I'm really proud of this, 1) cause I think the piece came out well (thanks to all who helped, by the way! lots and lots of you on this one...), and 2) cause Las Vegas Weekly is such an awesome publication. Its the only magazine that I read nearly front to back/look forward to reading every week. (And I was reading it several months before I started writing for it.) So, yeah, it feels cool to be part of something bigger than yourself that you're really proud of. (Hmmm....I think the last time I got this feeling was in Negotiations class, when we had this team assignment, and my team really, really kicked ass....the Prof was almost embarrassed for the other team... Okay, you can read the story by clicking HERE!

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