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WIZARD WARS on SYFY, Starring Penn & Teller

It's official: Wizard Wars, the SIX-PART SERIES (!!!), airs on Syfy starting on August 19th at 10pm. What began as a fun project in my living room has evolved into a full-blown reality competition show starring Penn & Teller as judges. They're joined by SO many other incredible magicians...too many to list in one blog post.

Here's the short of it:

Rick's New TV show, Wizard Wars, Airs on Syfy on March 4th

 Wizard Wars airs March 4 2014 on SyFy

Craziest thing: I created a TV show…and it’s going to air on Syfy on March 4th. It’s called WIZARD WARS.

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Fool Me Once Reviews from the Local Press

All three of Las Vegas’s alternative weeklies like my book. For the most part.

If I had to put grades on the reviews, I’d say that Las Vegas Weekly gave me an A, CityLife gave me a B+, and Vegas Seven gave me a B.

Here are the highlights:

CityLife: "It's an oddly addicting read."

4 Reviews from 4 Blogs

The blogosphere likes my book, for the most part.

Here are the highlights of some recent blog reviews:

From BellasNovella:

"Part memoir, part random facts—it brought to mind Freakonomics (and not just because Lax mentions the book), but was a much more enjoyable read. All the ingredients for a quick fiction read: the love story, the humor, the fun ensemble cast - it had a relatable, fun tone, not often found in memoirs."

From ReviewsByLola: