December 2010

Everything's Huge in Texas, Including My Book

Fool Me Once, a "memoir of deceit and romantic delusion" is a Dallas News Recommended Reading book.

So, Dallans (Dallites? Dallasonians?)....start reading it, already!

Book Release Party @ RUMOR Boutique Hotel

On January 18th, Las Vegas Weekly and VEGAS Magazine will team up to throw me what is sure to be the swankest book release party in the history of the written word.

The event will take place at the chic, new RUMOR Boutique hotel. I visited RUMOR on opening night, and I’ve been back several times since. Where else in Vegas am I going to find hammocks, sticky chandeliers, and complimentary purple M&Ms?

I’ve yet to have a dull night at RUMOR, and I couldn’t be more excited that they’ll be hosting my book release party. The event will take place from 6-8 PM. So if you’re in Vegas on January 18th, do stop by.

MAGIC Magazine Mini-Review of FOOL ME ONCE

From the December MAGIC magazine:

"Next month, your local bookstore will have the latest memoir by Rick Lax, FOOL ME ONCE, on its shelves. Set in Las Vegas and incorporating a cast of characters including strippers, Criss Angel, bartenders, and Lance Burton, in the broadest sense, FOOL ME ONCE is a funny, engaging, and personal discourse on deception in all its forms, magic tricks included."

Thanks, MAGIC!

(Side note: the guy on the cover of this month’s MAGIC magazine, Guy Hollingworth, is a fellow magician/lawyer. He invented one of the best magic tricks I’ve ever seen: Reformation. Reformation is not only awesome, it’s also the most difficult trick I know. If you know a harder one, I’d love to see it.)