September 2010

And Kirkus Says....Something. But What?

This is so frustrating! Kirkus just posted a review of Fool Me Once, but I can't read it because I don't have a Kirkus account. All I can read is the first two lines, which say... "Fear and loathing is in short supply, but there are plenty of cons and cheap hustles in this lively memoir of time spent on the seamier edge of Casinoland. Hunter Thompson it ain’t, and that’s refreshing for a book about..." And that's all I can read. :/


Prof. David Grazian wrote the book ON THE MAKE. If you want to know the dirty business secrets of bars and nightclubs, read it.

NOW, here's what Prof. G had to say about my upcoming book, Fool Me Once:

"In a city where nothing is quite what it seems, Rick Lax introduces us to the showgirls, prostitutes, casino card counters, magicians, pick-up artists, and street hustlers who work their short cons under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Fool Me Once is an illuminating read, and terrific fun."

The Top 5 Lies Men Tell Women in Vegas Nightclubs

Here they are--The Top 5 Lies Men Tell Women in Vegas Nightclubs

LIE: “I’m in Vegas all the time.”
TRUTH: I’m almost never in Vegas, so if we hook up, you’ll almost
certainly never see me again.

LIE: “You’ve got this awesome energy.”
TRUTH: I don’t believe in ‘energies’; I do believe you’ll sleep with
me if I give you the right compliment.

LIE: “My friends just left to play blackjack.”
TRUTH: I came here alone, to pick up women.

More Advanace Priase for Fool Me Once...from Kevin Roose

Unfairly young/talented author Kevin Roose wrote one of the best books of 2009--this according to Barnes & Noble and Las Vegas Weekly. It's called, "The Unlikely Disciple" and it's about the author's time at the ultra-religious Liberty University.

Well, here's what Mr. Roose had to say about my upcoming book, Fool Me Once:

Kind Words from the Celebrated Invisible Man of Magic

Jim Steinmeyer is the top illusion creator in the world. He’s designed and consulted for David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Ricky Jay, and the Walt Disney Company. If you’ve seen a stage magician perform in the last 20 years, you’ve probably seen a couple of steinmeyer’s tricks.

Here’s what Mr. Steinmeyer has to say about my upcoming book Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners and How Not to Get Screwed in Vegas: