November 2008

A Bit More Complex than the Rules of Fight Club


A month ago I bought a Casio 76-key electric keyboard. It came with a list of 13 “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.” Number five, for example was “Do not use this apparatus near water.” And number 11 was “Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.”

I now present you with IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS numbers one through four:

Diplomacy in Card Counting, Diplomacy in the Air


Two days ago I got kicked out of Gold Coast for card counting. I was playing at the ten-dollar minimum bet table, so I didn’t think they’d watch me too carefully, but clearly I was wrong. I’d only been playing an hour. The pit boss told me they security had tracked my play over fourteen double-decks. At first, I played dumb, and the pit boss went, “Sir, let’s not insult each other’s intelligence here.”

What a diplomat.

Criss Angel: BeLIEve. Not My Review, But Some Other Ones. My Review's Pending.


Last night I saw Criss Angel’s show BELIEVE at the LUXOR.

A lot of magicians don’t like Angel, but the fact is, the guy has performed more magic on TV than anybody else in history, and he’s gotten to do that because TONS of non-magicians like him. And I’m a fan of anybody who brings interest to the field of magic. It’s a dying art and we need more magicians like Angel, who bring it to different types of people.

Let's Try An Experiment


Let’s try an experiment. I want you to take a few seconds to look through the cards in the above photo, and then I want you to select one on them in your mind. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, but be sure that you pick one before you read the paragraphs below or the comments.

Really—pick a card first and then continue reading.

Got one? Good.

Update: The Clerk Now Says They Received And Counted My Vote

A mix-up at the office, I'm told.  Pile of votes that were received but not processed when I had called.  I must have asked TWENTY TIMES whether there were any votes that were received but not processed yesterday, and they kept saying No, No, No....and, well, turns out that's exactly what happened.


The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Vote


I voted yesterday, by absentee ballot. I suspect that if you’re reading this blog, you’re going to vote (or you already have), but if you’re not or haven’t, here are three points to consider